If your looking to have your monitor calibrated without the expense or expertise of buying your own, then have your monitor calibrated by Daniel van Driel Photography.

I use a Datacolour Spyder5Elite Monitor and Projector Calibrator to calibrate my own equipment and am happy with the results. Calibration sets your monitor/projector to a specific colour balance and exposure/brightness profile in correlation to ICC profile standards. If your using a laptop screen, I can show you what brightness setting is best for exposure accuracy. This means you can eyeball exposure not just off a histogram, but off your screen, knowing its accurate. 

Ideally, you should edit under little/no ambient lighting. However, this is rarely the case. If you will be editing under constant lighting (often if you're using a external desktop monitor), I can calibrate your monitor to factor in the colour temperature and brightness of the ambient lighting around you.

Finally, the Sypder5Elite supports projector calibration.

Whether you want all your monitors and projectors to look consistent between each other, want accurate colours and exposure for photo/video editing or would like your prints to look like what came off your computer, having your monitor(s) calibrated is a important aspect of your workflow.

Pricing starts at $120 per monitor calibration and 140 dollars per projector (70 dollars per additional monitor/projector). If you're interested, look no further. Cash, and Bank Transfer payments  accepted. Travel costs will be quoted for on an individual basis. Enquire today.


MacOS, Windows.

Monitor or Projector needs to be within 3 meters cabling length of the USB port of the computer


Calibration is specific to the monitor AND the computer. If the computer and monitor combination is changed, the calibration will not persist until the original calibrated computer and monitor are paired again. Wiping operating system will also wipe the calibration profile.