A Warning to Those Shipping to Australia – Import Duties & Taxes

So a recent experience from buying over $1000 of items from B&H Photo and Video in the United States inspired me to make this post. I woke up to the horror of a text message from DHL, saying that I had to pay duties and taxes for the shipment. Huh?

In the last few months, I had ordered from B&H several times. Some orders up to $900. Yet, I had never had this issue. Giving DHL a call made me aware that shipments over AU$1000 in value will have import duties and taxes applied. In my case, 20% extra!

Sure enough, digging around doing some more research, it’s true. So my advice, split your orders into multiple, smaller imports all under $1000 Australian Dollars if possible. For B&H, you can split your order if your item is back-ordered at no additional expense. Even if you do have to pay additional for shipping, it will likely be far less than a 20% import tax and duty fee.

Hope this helps.

Duty Calculator

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