Photographer, Writer and Sportsperson.

My interests didn’t start with selfies, but with high school photography class. After painting my first sheepies in Photoshop, I was inspired to pursue photography.

Being a bit of a nerd, my initial interests were mostly on the technical side, but would eventually shift to the people side. What started as an interest in landscape photography and Photoshop would eventually turn to people photography, and how to avoid spending exorbitant amounts of time in Photoshop.

It doesn’t matter how good your photos are, if the experience your clients remember was one to forget.

Photography means something different to everyone. Two people can look at the same photograph and see something completely different. It is for that reason why I encourage clients to find samples of photos they like and ask them what specifically they like about the photograph. This allows me to be able to best put myself in your shoes, and envision what best meets your needs.

Additionally, I do not use ‘packages.’

What you want is what you get. Nothing more, nothing less.

For me, photography brings together many passions.

  • People – Working with clients and teams to deliver the desired result. Meeting a diverse group of amazing and unique people. If the client seems cliché, you just don’t know them yet.
  • Technical – Executing the photograph regardless of how difficult the conditions.
  • Self-improvement – You learn something from every shoot. No two shoots are alike.

Aside from photography, in my spare time, I love to rollerblade, competitively ride my bike and listen to audio-books about politics, philosophy and business. I also operate two blogs. On this website, I host my personal blog, where I mostly write reviews on products and services. On my Medium.com blog, I write about Information Technology, Security and Privacy.

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